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Cookshack Fast Eddy's Pellet Grill PG1000 Flat Rate shipping of $99.00

Cookshack Fast Eddy's Pellet Grill PG1000 Flat Rate shipping of $99.00


100% wood burning, pellet grill and smoker in one.  4 cooking zones for great versatility. Cook over direct or indirect heat at up to 800° F using 100% food grade wood pellets.  Also, cold smoke and hold in the warming drawer.  The insulated lid helps get up to temp quick. You will see the fire!  For recipe ideas on how to use the PG1000 check out our Cooking Guide for written recipes and how to videos.

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  • Construction Double Walled Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior; direct cooking zone features a stainless steel grate
    Insulation Double Walled Construction surrounding 850° F Spin-Glas Insulation for superior heat retention, fuel savings and maximum cooking performance
    Dimensions Outside:  67.75" W x 51.5" H x 24" D (allow 5.5" D clearance for lid)

    Warming Drawer:  19" x 13" x 4"

    Cooking Capacity Large enough to cook a whole turkey or food for the whole family!
    Cooking Area 10" x 18" direct; 18" x 18" indirect; 10" x 28" top rack for a total of 784 square inches

    19" x 13" x 4" warming drawer

    Cooking Surface Direct:  3/8 304T stainless steel rod cooking grate; Indirect:  nickel plated grills
    Fuel Source 100% Wood, Food Grade Pellets
    Pellet Heat

    Pellets are easily obtainable throughout the US.  Cookshack supplies only 100% wood, food grade barbecue pellets specifically produced for use with food.  Cookshack barbecue pellets are made from hardwoods that contain fewer resins and are produced in a controlled process to ensure a food grade product.  Barbecue pellets are made by pulverizing hardwood sawdust and extruding to a uniform density through a rotating die under enormous heat and pressure.  Naturally occurring lignin in the wood binds the pellets into their shape. 

    Fuel Usage 1.2 lbs of pellets per hour at 400° F
    Temperature Settings 170°-600°
    Hopper Capacity 25 lbs
    Controllers/Firepots Electronically-controlled temperature digital controller
    Electrical Requirements 5 amps @ 120 VAC; 36,000 BTU burner; electronically-controlled thermostat; auto-start; draft fan

    Power cord approximate length 58" (may vary by +/- 6")

    Certifications The Best Value Gold Medal to the PG1000Forbes Magazine review of the PG1000 and PG500
    Standard Equipment Operator's Manual, Warming Drawer, Side Shelf, 4 Casters, 80 lbs. Cookshack Hickory Pellets
    Optional Equipment Rib Rack, Sea Food Grill
    Shipping Weight 405 lbs.

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