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AlpineAire - Long Term - Gourmet Supreme - 1 person for 1 year (94477)

AlpineAire - Long Term - Gourmet Supreme - 1 person for 1 year (94477)

We refer to this food system as our NO COOK, NO THINK food system. With this system, the meal planning is outlined for you. Our one-year and six-month systems contain almost every breakfast, lunch and dinner entr�e we make! Each meal was designed to include a main course, a side of fruit, and either a vegetable or snack/dessert. Loaded with meat entrees! There are 15 times more meat entr�e servings as our Versatile System and no bulk ingredients that need to be mixed together and turned into a meal! It just doesn't get any more convenient than this! MORE VALUE! The one-year system is $428 less expensive than the A la carte price!!! This is Gourmet Reserve's very best system. HIGHLIGHTS
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Minimal fuel required for preparation of foods
  • Largest selection of "Just-Add-Water" entrees
  • Entrees include beef, chicken, and turkey
  • A 100% no cook feature

Entrees Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Beef Rotini ᅠᅠ99404 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 2lbs-07oz ᅠᅠ 12,024ᅠᅠ
Chicken Gumbo ᅠᅠ99309 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 1lbs-13oz ᅠᅠ 8,370ᅠᅠ
Chicken Primavera ᅠᅠ99307 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 1lbs-14oz ᅠᅠ 8,415ᅠᅠ
Mountain Chili ᅠᅠ99101 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 2lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 9,648ᅠᅠ
Mushroom Pilaf with Vegetables ᅠᅠ99108 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 2lbs-10oz ᅠᅠ 11,880ᅠᅠ
Potatoes & Cheddar with Chives ᅠᅠ99503 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 2lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 13,068ᅠᅠ
Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice ᅠᅠ99112 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 2lbs-07oz ᅠᅠ 11,412ᅠᅠ
Spaghetti Marinara with Mushrooms ᅠᅠ99104 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 2lbs-12oz ᅠᅠ 9,684ᅠᅠ
Stroganoff Flavored With Beef & Noodles ᅠᅠ99441 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 2lbs-01oz ᅠᅠ 12,276ᅠᅠ
Teriyaki Turkey ᅠᅠ99403 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 2lbs-01oz ᅠᅠ 10,224ᅠᅠ
Texas BBQ Chicken ᅠᅠ99406 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 2lbs-10oz ᅠᅠ 12,600ᅠᅠ
Western Style Tamale Pie with Beef ᅠᅠ99405 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 2lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 9,273ᅠᅠ

Soups Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Alpine Minestrone Soup ᅠᅠ99601 ᅠᅠ 6ᅠᅠ 2lbs-03oz ᅠᅠ 20,040ᅠᅠ
Creamy Potato Cheddar Soup ᅠᅠ99701 ᅠᅠ 6ᅠᅠ 2lbs-08oz ᅠᅠ 27,720ᅠᅠ
Soup-er Split Pea ᅠᅠ99704 ᅠᅠ 6ᅠᅠ 1lbs-08oz ᅠᅠ 14,688ᅠᅠ

Breakfast Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
5-Grain Instant Cereal ᅠᅠ92196 ᅠᅠ 6ᅠᅠ 3lbs-07oz ᅠᅠ 31,812ᅠᅠ
Blueberry Honey Granola with Milk ᅠᅠ90807 ᅠᅠ 6ᅠᅠ 1lbs-10oz ᅠᅠ 16,032ᅠᅠ
Granola, Fat Free ᅠᅠ90810 ᅠᅠ 12ᅠᅠ 3lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 58,320ᅠᅠ
Scrambled Eggs, Cooked, Freeze-Dried ᅠᅠ92183 ᅠᅠ 6ᅠᅠ 0lbs-14oz ᅠᅠ 14,532ᅠᅠ

Fruits/Desserts Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Apple Almond Crisp ᅠᅠ99901 ᅠᅠ 6ᅠᅠ 3lbs-02oz ᅠᅠ 30,360ᅠᅠ
Apple Flakes, Unsulfured ᅠᅠ92130 ᅠᅠ 4ᅠᅠ 2lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 15,264ᅠᅠ
Apples, Diced, Dehydrated ᅠᅠ92187 ᅠᅠ 6ᅠᅠ 1lbs-08oz ᅠᅠ 15,264ᅠᅠ
Blueberries, Whole, Freeze-Dried ᅠᅠ92133 ᅠᅠ 0ᅠᅠ 0lbs-12oz ᅠᅠ 0ᅠᅠ
Date Pieces ᅠᅠ92195 ᅠᅠ 6ᅠᅠ 3lbs-08oz ᅠᅠ 32,256ᅠᅠ
Peaches, Freeze-Dried, Diced ᅠᅠ96444 ᅠᅠ 4ᅠᅠ 0lbs-02oz ᅠᅠ 624ᅠᅠ
Pineapple Chunks, Freeze-Dried ᅠᅠ96442 ᅠᅠ 4ᅠᅠ 0lbs-03oz ᅠᅠ 1,344ᅠᅠ
Sweet Rice Pudding ᅠᅠ99908 ᅠᅠ 4ᅠᅠ 1lbs-14oz ᅠᅠ 12,960ᅠᅠ

Dairy/Eggs Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Cheddar Cheese Powder ᅠᅠ2111 ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 2lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 6,048ᅠᅠ
Instant, Nonfat, Dry Milk Powder ᅠᅠ92992 ᅠᅠ 18ᅠᅠ 2lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 58,176ᅠᅠ

Vegetables Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Broccoli, Chopped, Freeze-Dried ᅠᅠ96460 ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 0lbs-05oz ᅠᅠ 400ᅠᅠ
Carrots, Diced, Dehydrated ᅠᅠ92104 ᅠᅠ 2ᅠᅠ 1lbs-15oz ᅠᅠ 5,830ᅠᅠ
Corn, Sweet, Freeze-Dried ᅠᅠ92105 ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 1lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 1,491ᅠᅠ
Peas, Freeze-Dried ᅠᅠ92107 ᅠᅠ 2ᅠᅠ 1lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 3,234ᅠᅠ
Potatoes, Diced, Dehydrated ᅠᅠ92401 ᅠᅠ 6ᅠᅠ 2lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 19,608ᅠᅠ
Potatoes, Mashed Instant ᅠᅠ92146 ᅠᅠ 6ᅠᅠ 1lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 9,576ᅠᅠ
Vegetable Mix ᅠᅠ92190 ᅠᅠ 2ᅠᅠ 1lbs-08oz ᅠᅠ 4,480ᅠᅠ

Snacks: RTE Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Cheese Spread - 1 ounce pouches ᅠᅠ93403 ᅠᅠ 4ᅠᅠ 2lbs-06oz ᅠᅠ 9,000ᅠᅠ
Honey, Pure ᅠᅠ71495 ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 5lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 19,440ᅠᅠ
Peanut Butter-pouches 1.12 ounce pouches ᅠᅠ93405 ᅠᅠ 4ᅠᅠ 2lbs-06oz ᅠᅠ 18,000ᅠᅠ
Royal Kreem Crackers ᅠᅠ91801 ᅠᅠ 24ᅠᅠ 1lbs-01oz ᅠᅠ 87,120ᅠᅠ
Sea Salt ᅠᅠ95281 ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 7lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 0ᅠᅠ
Seasoning Blend ᅠᅠ96453 ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 0lbs-14oz ᅠᅠ 1,120ᅠᅠ
Totalsᅠᅠ 194ᅠᅠ 410lbs-07oz ᅠᅠ 663,613ᅠᅠ

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