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AlpineAire - Primary System - 1 Month Supply - 94317

AlpineAire - Primary System - 1 Month Supply - 94317


Packaged in 2008.

"Gourmet Reserves products that do not contain dairy ingredients have a shelf life of 20+ years."

Our PRIMARY SYSTEM has been configured to supply a balanced selection of basic, familiar foods for those in need of security, combined with ECONOMIC value. HIGHLIGHTS
  • Lowest cost per meal for quality basics
  • Makes an excellent core food program on which you can build your special needs
  • Calories are derived from nutritious foods, not sugar
  • A large quantity of food can be stored in a small area
  • A 26% no cook feature

Fruits/Desserts Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Apples, Diced, Dehydrated ᅠᅠ96445ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 0lbs-07oz ᅠᅠ 477ᅠᅠ
Blueberries, Whole, Freeze-Dried ᅠᅠ96450ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 0lbs-12oz ᅠᅠ 348ᅠᅠ

Dairy/Eggs Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Instant, Nonfat, Dry Milk Powder ᅠᅠ92992ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 2lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 3,232ᅠᅠ
Scrambling & Omelet Egg Mix ᅠᅠ92101ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 2lbs-12oz ᅠᅠ 6,688ᅠᅠ

Beans/Grains/Peas Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Cornmeal ᅠᅠ95103ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 4lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 6,842ᅠᅠ
Lentils ᅠᅠ95137ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 5lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 8,074ᅠᅠ
Oats, Rolled, regular ᅠᅠ95105ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 2lbs-08oz ᅠᅠ 4,450ᅠᅠ
Pearled Barley ᅠᅠ95100ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 5lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 8,376ᅠᅠ
Rice, White, Long ᅠᅠ95112ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 5lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 8,532ᅠᅠ
Wheat, Hard ᅠᅠ95115ᅠᅠ 2ᅠᅠ 5lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 14,916ᅠᅠ

Vegetables Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Corn, Sweet, Freeze-Dried ᅠᅠ96223ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 0lbs-05oz ᅠᅠ 426ᅠᅠ
Potatoes, Mashed Instant ᅠᅠ92146ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 1lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 1,596ᅠᅠ
Vegetable Mix ᅠᅠ92190ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 1lbs-08oz ᅠᅠ 2,240ᅠᅠ

Other Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Honey, Pure ᅠᅠ71495ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 5lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 6,480ᅠᅠ
Seasoning Blend ᅠᅠ96453ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 0lbs-14oz ᅠᅠ 1,120ᅠᅠ
Totalsᅠᅠ 16ᅠᅠ 41lbs-14oz ᅠᅠ 73,797ᅠᅠ

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