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AlpineAire - Versatile System - 1 person for 3 months - 94307

AlpineAire - Versatile System - 1 person for 3 months - 94307


Packaged in 2008.

"Gourmet Reserves products that do not contain dairy ingredients have a shelf life of 20+ years."

The advantage of this system is preparation VERSATILITY! Some foods can be eaten as is; some require only cold water; others are prepared with hot water. We have also included: complete "Just Add Water" entrees; individual "Just Add Water" ingredients for menu diversification and cooking convenience and basic familiar staples to be prepared in the traditional manner. HIGHLIGHTS
  • High degree of preparation versatility
  • Expanded variety of menu options
  • Higher calorie values
  • Foods which cover needs in both short-term and long-term emergency situations
  • Includes meatless entrees
  • A 56% no cook feature

Entrees Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Mountain Chili ᅠᅠ99101ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 2lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 3,216ᅠᅠ
Spaghetti Marinara with Mushrooms ᅠᅠ99104ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 2lbs-12oz ᅠᅠ 3,228ᅠᅠ

Soups Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Alpine Minestrone Soup ᅠᅠ99601ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 2lbs-03oz ᅠᅠ 3,340ᅠᅠ

Breakfast Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Blueberry Honey Granola with Milk ᅠᅠ90807ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 1lbs-10oz ᅠᅠ 2,672ᅠᅠ
Granola, Fat Free ᅠᅠ90810ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 3lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 4,860ᅠᅠ
Scrambling & Omelet Egg Mix ᅠᅠ92101ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 2lbs-12oz ᅠᅠ 6,688ᅠᅠ

Fruits/Desserts Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Apple Almond Crisp ᅠᅠ99901ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 3lbs-02oz ᅠᅠ 5,060ᅠᅠ
Apples, Diced, Dehydrated ᅠᅠ92187ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 1lbs-08oz ᅠᅠ 2,544ᅠᅠ
Blueberries, Whole, Freeze-Dried ᅠᅠ96450ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 0lbs-12oz ᅠᅠ 348ᅠᅠ
Date Pieces ᅠᅠ92195ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 3lbs-08oz ᅠᅠ 5,376ᅠᅠ

Dairy/Eggs Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Cheddar Cheese Powder ᅠᅠ96209ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 0lbs-10oz ᅠᅠ 1,680ᅠᅠ
Instant, Nonfat, Dry Milk Powder ᅠᅠ92992ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 2lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 9,696ᅠᅠ

Beans/Grains/Peas Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Cornmeal ᅠᅠ95103ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 4lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 6,842ᅠᅠ
Lentils ᅠᅠ95137ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 5lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 8,074ᅠᅠ
Oats, Rolled, regular ᅠᅠ95105ᅠᅠ 2ᅠᅠ 2lbs-08oz ᅠᅠ 8,900ᅠᅠ
Pasta, Instant ᅠᅠ92103ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 1lbs-08oz ᅠᅠ 2,142ᅠᅠ
Pearled Barley ᅠᅠ95100ᅠᅠ 2ᅠᅠ 5lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 16,752ᅠᅠ
Pinto Beans ᅠᅠ95141ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 4lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 6,426ᅠᅠ
Pinto Beans, Dehydrated ᅠᅠ92106ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 2lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 3,255ᅠᅠ
Rice, White, Cooked, Instant ᅠᅠ92161ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 2lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 3,232ᅠᅠ
Rice, White, Long ᅠᅠ95112ᅠᅠ 2ᅠᅠ 5lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 17,064ᅠᅠ
Split Peas, Green ᅠᅠ95135ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 5lbs-04oz ᅠᅠ 8,568ᅠᅠ
Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) ᅠᅠ92301ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 2lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 2,484ᅠᅠ
Wheat, Hard ᅠᅠ95115ᅠᅠ 4ᅠᅠ 5lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 29,832ᅠᅠ

Vegetables Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Corn, Sweet, Freeze-Dried ᅠᅠ92105ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 1lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 1,491ᅠᅠ
ᅠᅠ92107ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 1lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 1,617ᅠᅠ
Potatoes, Mashed Instant ᅠᅠ92146ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 1lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 1,596ᅠᅠ
Tomato Powder ᅠᅠ96333ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 0lbs-14oz ᅠᅠ 1,134ᅠᅠ

Snacks: RTE Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Peanut Butter-pouches 1.12 ounce pouches ᅠᅠ93405ᅠᅠ 2ᅠᅠ 2lbs-06oz ᅠᅠ 9,000ᅠᅠ
Royal Kreem Crackers ᅠᅠ91801ᅠᅠ 3ᅠᅠ 1lbs-01oz ᅠᅠ 10,890ᅠᅠ

Other Code # Count lbs-oz Calories
Alfalfa Seeds ᅠᅠ96307ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 1lbs-06oz ᅠᅠ 500ᅠᅠ
Honey, Pure ᅠᅠ71495ᅠᅠ 1ᅠᅠ 5lbs-00oz ᅠᅠ 6,480ᅠᅠ
Totalsᅠᅠ 43ᅠᅠ 136lbs-15oz ᅠᅠ 194,987ᅠᅠ

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