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Cookshack AmeriQue SM066 Smoker Oven - Stainless Steel - $199.00 Flat Rate Shipping


Flat rate ground shipping within continental US contiguous states.

Flat rate does not include a stand or extra wood.

You will also receive our 20# wood sampler which includes  (5lbs. each of Hickory,Cherry,Pecan,Pear)

Using technology previously available only to professional chefs, home barbecuers can now smoke-cook restaurant quality pit barbecue and smoked foods. The features in Cookshack's newly released AmeriQue SmartSmoker are the result of a nationwide survey asking avid backyard barbecuers what they wanted in a smoker. Using the technology for which Cookshack is known in the restaurant equipment industry, Cookshack designed the ultimate in home smoking machines, the AmeriQue.

The AmeriQue gives you more control over your barbecue than ever before. Using the IQ digital controller and meat probe, the AmeriQue smoke-cooks just the way you tell it to. Whether you are cooking beef tri-tip or pork butt, all you have to do is probe the meat, set the cooking temperature or desired internal meat temperature (if using the probe), and walk away. It turns out great, every time.
With its four sturdy, locking casters the AmeriQue is easy to move and position.

Accessories Included:

  • Meat probe for accurate internal temperature
  • 2-position grills and side racks
  • hickory wood will last for 1-2 smokes
  • Wood box
  • Casters for ease of movement
  • Stainless steel drip pan for easy clean up
  • Operator's manual to get you up to speed fast.

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