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Black Diamond - Cosmo Headlamp - MM6035

Black Diamond - Cosmo Headlamp - MM6035


Providing bright, close-range light, these little lamps use a ᄑ watt LED beam for scrambling back to the car or nervously scanning the darkness to see whatメs making that モbear-likeヤ noise. Switch to the two proximity LEDs for plenty of close-up ambient light for cooking in the vestibule or peeping under the bumper for your stashed car keys. Both lamps have eight different brightness settings (including strobe illumination) and two modes, allowing you to tailor your light intensity and conserve batteriesラbecause sometimes your one-day push turns into a few. Like all Black Diamond headlamps, the Cosmo and Moxie are fully stormproof and can handle the worst weather Mother Nature can spit out.



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