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Cookshack Spicy BBQ Mix 5lbs jar -  SP123

Cookshack Spicy BBQ Mix 5lbs jar - SP123


There are three ways to use this versatile mix:Mix up our Spicy Barbecue Sauce yourself, using the recipe that is includedMix it up according to the recipe, but make modificationsUse Spicy Barbecue Sauce Dry Mix to enhance your own sauceMixed according to the recipe it's the same sauce that we sell prepared.Make your own signature sauce by changing the recipe to suit your tastes. Our customers tell us that they substitute pineapple juice, wine, and Dr. Pepper for the liquid specified in the recipe. You probably have your own ideas.Have your own sauce recipe? Try adding some zing to it with the Mix. Might be just the taste you are looking for.You can also use Spicy Barbecue Sauce Dry Mix as a meat seasoning. We like to put some inside chickens and turkeys just before smoking. Adds subtle flavor to the meat, and the drippings are delicious. Makes an excellent shrimp boil.

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