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Life Gear - Backpack with Life Essentials - LGDLBPK01

Life Gear - Backpack with Life Essentials - LGDLBPK01


Life+Gear Wings of Life Backpack is the first Backpack that is perfect for Camping, Hiking or Emergencies. Featured in Newsweek, CNBC, FOX TV, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal and other major publications as the best Back Pack for Emergency Preparedness and Everyday Outdoor use. Designed with light weight construction for everyday use in the outdoors and as a Survival Backpack. The Wings hold critical emergency supplies including First Aid Kit, Multi-Function tool, Thermal Blanket, All Weather Poncho, N95 Respirator Mask, Signaling Whistle, Hygiene Kit, Waterproof Document, Writing Pad & Pen, Signaling Mirror, Directional Compass, Leather Gloves and more. The Backpack comes with built in Water Resistant Cover, Emergency Red Flasher and Tarp for Shelter.



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