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Life Gear - Waterlight .5 Watt PRO - LGWL05Pro

Life Gear - Waterlight .5 Watt PRO - LGWL05Pro


Life Gear's Waterlight 0.5 Watt Pro is the World's First Fully Submersible Crank Flashlight. The Light's waterproof design is submersible up to 10 meters of water (33 feet) and will not sink. The Super Bright 0.5 Watt LED flashlight features innovative technology that never needs replacement batteries. Power is delivered via the waterproof crank that charges the internal batteries. Great for wet weather emergencies, boating, recreational diving and other aquatic activities. This waterlight provides attractive and useful features that can be used daily while having components that can be potentially life saving during time of need. Life Gear: Peace of mind, Wherever you go.



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