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CookinPellets 40 Pound Perfect Mix One Half Ton

This is our EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM mix of the most popular hardwoods used today. Just Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple & Apple. No oak or alder filler.
Making it great on short cooks and smooth smoke flavor on long smokes, not as heavy as all Hickory and not as light as Apple. A great everyday Premium Perfect Mix at a GREAT price!
Still no lesser grade woods used! Just 100% top Hardwoods!
Our restaurant customers use this exclusively!!
PERFECT Mix adds a nice Smoke flavor any food. We here at use this as our everyday pellet. Just a great flavor. With no loss of flavor due to lesser grade woods as in other companies blends.
Feature: * 100% of what we say it is NO Filler. * Low moisture * Low Fine, dust. * High BT
Our Pellets are 100% of the wood named! We don't add filler or soft woods like others do. Some companies use 80% Oak or Alder, a cheaper filler wood mixed into the wood you are buying! Ask if it is 100%! Our woods fU, Average 8500+

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