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Cookshack  Charbroiler  36 inch

Cookshack Charbroiler 36 inch


Finally! A Charbroiler with the Consistency of Gas and the Flavor of Real Wood Smoke Cookshack s thermostatically- controlled pellet-fired charbroiler gives the cook the tremendous advantages of both gas and wood charbroilers while completely eliminating the problems of lack of flavor, heat inconsistency, fuel storage, and ash disposal.
Fueled by 100% food grade wood pellets and requiring only a small amount of electricity to operate its pellet cooking system, the Cookshack Charbroiler replaces traditional gas or wood charbroilers.
Gas charbroilers give consistent results, but the product lacks flavor. Wood grills, on the other hand, add plenty of flavor, but they are difficult, if not dangerous, to operate. For the first time, the professional cook can grill meats over 100% wood heat and smoke with consistent results and the sought-after, well-loved smoky flavor.
Anyone who can cook on a gas charbroiler can cook on a Cookshack Charbroiler Cookshack s pellet-fired charbroiler, the first on the market, cooks with the consistency of a gas charbroiler and the flavor of a wood charbroiler. Food grade wood pellets have big smoke flavor muscle! Foods taste fabulous when prepared with pellets.
Pellet cooking system gives consistently delicious results The Cookshack Charbroiler s thermostatically-controlled pellet-cooking system keeps the charbroiler cooking at a consistent temperature while creating that wonderful wood- grilled flavor that people love. The system is fueled by 100% food grade wood pellets, introduced into its firepot by an auger which requires only a small amount of electricity to operate. This system has been field tested and proven to work over years of use in Cookshack's big pellet smokers.
No more big, dirty logs Pellets are readily available, take up little space, and can be stored inside, unlike the big, dirty logs required by wood charbroilers. The ash resulting from pellets is minimal and can be safely and quickly disposed of without the risks associated with large amount of hot ashes from wood logs. Employees are not in danger of being burned, and dumpster fire danger is eliminated.
Logs used in wood-fired grills leave about 30% ash, much of which is released into the surrounding air. Employees breathe this ash, and it settles on everything from light fixtures to tables, which results in enormous cleaning bills. Pellets, however, leave about 3% ash, drastically reducing the risk and expense of using logs.
Unlike some gas charbroilers which use lightweight cast iron grates, the Cookshack Charbroiler is equipped with heavy duty cast iron grills which distribute heat evenly, eliminating hot spots. During test cooking, the charbroiler surface maintained temperature at +/- 10F.
The Cookshack Charbroiler is safe to use. The front loading hopper keeps the cook s hands away from the hot charbroiler surface while adding pellets.
Our customers sing the praises of our well-trained staff who know customers by name, not as accounts ; a website with a customer-driven knowledge base; and easy access to the company through a toll free phone number and email. Our goal is to solve your problem quickly and skillfully.
Cookshack is the leader in pellet-fired cooking equipment for commercial markets. Having manufactured Cookshack brand of electric smoker ovens for 50 years and the Fast Eddy s by Cookshack brand of pellet-fired smokers for 7 years, Cookshack has the unique expertise to develop the first pellet-fired charbroiler for the commercial cook.



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