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Vicks Flaming Pig Sauce - HOT Grilling Sauce - 70003

Vicks Flaming Pig Sauce - HOT Grilling Sauce - 70003


Vick s Flaming Pig Hot Grillin' Sauce adds fabulously fiery flavor to pork, steak, poultry and seafood. Use it for basting, dipping, marinating, injecting, and even as a spicy salad dressing!The Flaming Pig Sauce was developed over a period of twenty years while cooking for various family, church, and business groups. Test markets reveal that people at all levels of society like the sauces. The sauces are excellent on pork (barbecue), chicken, and beef. It can also be used on salad, for basting, and dipping. The sauces have won numerous first place finishes on the NC Barbecue Circuit. Two flaming pigs were made to use as we sought to compete with veteran competitors. Our first year on the circuit we won second place on showmanship at a number of competitions. The Flaming Pig Sauce actually won first place in a blind taste test at the state championship that year. After our first year we decided that we would do whatever it took to win first place. That goal was realized during our second year on the circuit.



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